Sample Projects

Detroit Shipping Co, Detroit, MI

21 containers

This project is a restaurant collective and beer garden offering affordable upscale street food, two full bars, space for start-up retailers, and galleries featuring local artists. All situated in one building as Cass Corridor's newest architectural attraction.


Model Center, Detroit, MI

9 containers

Our three story, 2800 square foot Model Center was erected in six hours and 15 minutes in 2015. The 2,800-square-foot model unit features an open concept inside with exposed steel. It includes two units to show prospective buyers: a two-story, two-bedroom unit and a one-bedroom unit on the third floor and each has balcony space made from containers

Arkitainer on 72nd, Cleveland OH

160 containers

This residential structure stands four stories tall, gradually working up from the surrounding single family homes to the towering industrial manufacturing structure at the end of the block. With respect to the industrial context of the neighborhood, Arkitainer strategically exposes the structural shipping containers, allowing the corrugated siding to shine as a feature of the design. 


Concord Square at Islandview, Detroit, MI

84 containers, 12 buildings

Detroit native husband and wife duo are developing a mixed income
36 unit apartment complex right in their own neighborhood. Concord
Square repeats a three unit apartment module a total of twelve
times in four identical clusters, each surrounding a central courtyard
providing a perfect balance of public and private space where the
communities can meet and greet one another as they come and go. 

Nipote's, Muskegon, MI

2 containers

Nipote's Italian Restaurant is the first full service bar, cafe and restaurant built of shipping containers in the state of Michigan! Located near the waterfront on the outskirts of downtown Muskegon, this Italian Kitchen draws a steady stream of customers to taste delicious home cooked food and experience a small scale building unlike anything they’ve seen before. ​

Completed Exterior x Mlive.jpg
Container Collective_1.jpg

Container Collective, Southeast MI

32 containers

This conceptual design proposes a whopping eleven restaurants and twelve retail spaces for local artists + artisans including two conference rooms, four lounges surrounding a centralized bar with 6,000sf of dining space... and that’s just the inside! Outside, a 360 degree rooftop deck allows visitors to get a view of the surrounding area and overlook the amphitheater which can accommodate crowds of 200+ people.

Infinity Properties Eco Housing, Romulus, MI

84 containers

Planned just a stone’s throw from the Detroit Metro Airport and the new Amazon fulfillment center, this project will provide a much needed commercial oasis and housing options for young professionals and locals looking for a change of pace. The front of the building consists of two levels of container apartments raised on top of a reinforced concrete structure housing four commercial tenants set to include a cafe and a grab-and-go sandwich shop. 

Through our years of experience, we’ve l
IMG_9327 2.JPG

Ebeling House, Bruce Township, MI

6 containers

The Ebeling house is a unique hybrid construction utilizing both shipping containers and traditional lumber framing to create a
spacious three bedroom, 2.5 bath house complete with a home office, open concept kitchen/living/dining, a generously sized pantry, laundry room, and an attached three car garage with a workshop!

Tiny Urban Escapes, Indianapolis, IN

1 container each

Located on the fringes of the bustling urban core of Indy, Tiny Urban Escapes offers a relaxing getaway in a unique concept. Each 20ft container is a luxury hotel room. Groups of these container resorts are sprinkled strategically throughout dense wooded areas providing a quick rest and relaxation option without having to travel far. Every unit has a lavish bathroom with a walk in shower, a kitchenette, and lots of natural daylight.

Somebody pinch us... this gorgeous semi-

Grixdale Pocket Homes, Hazel Park, MI

8 containers

During the building boom of the 20th century, lots were divided into smaller and smaller parcels to maximize the density of urban neighborhoods - today, many are virtually unbuildable due to their narrow dimensions. Good thing two shipping containers side by side are only 16' wide and can fill these challenging lots with room to spare! This project is a proposal that groups clusters of these two story, two unit apartments in pairs that can share a common drive between them, allowing a side yard between units. 

Gusbox, Kalamazoo, MI

4 containers

Gusbox set out to be one of the most efficient and ecologically friendly uses of shipping containers that Three Squared has ever worked on. Constructed of just four containers, A horseshoe mezzanine wraps around the double height space providing two upper bedrooms, rounding out the two bathrooms and open concept first level.


Hidden Castle, Burtchville Township, MI

7 containers

Tucked away in the forest of eastern Michigan’s coastline is a beautiful ranch style farmhouse built of seven shipping containers. The hybrid building is attached to an adjacent three car garage with ample workspace and a wrap around deck. By exulating the building, we leave the corrugated shipping container walls and ceiling exposed on the interior of the house for a stunning modern farmhouse look. 

Garden Homes Infill Housing, Hazel Park, MI

6 containers

In collaboration with developers and a team of experienced architects and designers, Garden Homes are a solution to the vacant narrow lots left behind in the wake of demolitions in the post industrial era in Detroit and surrounding communities. At only 24ft in width, they are cleverly planned to blend in with the  surrounding homes; most people don’t even assume these homes are built of shipping containers unless told.

Adam Friden_2.jpg

Fort Lauderdale Container Office, Fort Lauderdale, FL

6 containers

This trendy, flexible office space is slated to be the first container project in Fort Lauderdale. The two-story, open-footprint building offers 1,920 square feet of space, constructed by six shipping containers.

Concord WolfeHouse, Orlando, FL

6 containers

Another first of its kind in the area, this new addition to Orlando’s vacation atmosphere is planned to be within walking distance of the downtown area. This clever design will house residents within two accessory dwelling units, situated neatly above the parking area behind an existing single family home.

David Wynett_01.jpg

Atlanta Eco Homes, Atlanta, GA

6 containers

Located in the outskirts of Atlanta GA, this new development of eco-friendly homes will be a must-see for anyone looking into homes in the area. This clever design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor space and gives residents opportunities to walk outside and take in the bright Georgia sunlight. Utilizing the best parts of shipping containers, these homes will offer residents a number of add-on options for their own customization.

Cargo Casita, Grand Canyon Nation Park, AZ

2 containers

Under the starry skies of Arizona, near the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park, this beautiful desert-setting property offers renters a peaceful, off-the-grid experience. This project is the epitome of rustic living meets modern design. Offering 320 square feet of space per unit, there are three of these units on the roster to be built. 

Cargo Casita_04.jpg

More Space House, Hazel Park, MI

9 containers

Unique from any other building on the block, yet able to fit in with the vernacular context, this home utilizes all the built-in efficiencies of  container buildings. A comfortable three bedroom / two and a half bath setup includes multiple balconies, large living space and kitchen, and a two car garage all constructed of containers! The “L” shaped design maximizes the usable space by stacking containers perpendicularly and utilizes two different container sizes.

Mariposa House, Hilliard, OH

8 containers

This 2,830 sf multigenerational home, located just north of Columbus, will comfortably house two families within eight shipping containers. The home utilizes a double height open concept core to create a beautiful living space and features a large kitchen and dining area. It takes its name from the unique ‘butterfly roof’ that can be seen from the backyard. 

Mariposa House_1.jpeg

United Shore Warehouse, Pontiac MI

14 containers


This office expansion project for United Shore, the nation’s largest mortgage lender, is the product of converting a warehouse into a massive, modern office space. It incorporates traditional office spaces with a sprawling collection of mezzanines, public and private spaces, and interactive features. 

Bermuda House, Ferndale, MI

4 containers

This single family home is making Three Squared, Inc. history by being the first project to use a cantilevered container, giving the home a shady, covered front porch and opening a large deck to the private, landscaped backyard. The four containers are split into two stacks and bridged by glass to allow a double height stairwell in the middle of the home and to form an elegant catwalk to the bedrooms. Within the 1760 sf, the home also features a fully furnished basement.

4.8.21_The Orchard_03.jpg

The Orchard

19 containers


This 5000 sf space is your one-stop shop for all things local and all things self-care. There are 14 kiosks at 160 sf each that are available to rent on a short-term lease. Under the unique polycarbonate roof, guests can shop under the natural daylight and take a quick shopping break at the central cafe. If you have a small business and want to see it in action, here’s a great opportunity to try it out!

Casa LoFa, Buchanan, MI

4 containers

Located in the southwest outskirts of Michigan, this elegantly designed, single-family home holds 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The symmetrical architectural design also features a magnificent 24 ft ceiling that opens up a unique loft space. With a gorgeous lakefront view, what more could you ask for? 

Galvez_Schematic Design_5.15.2021_03.JPE
The Haven_05.jpg

The Haven, South Lyon, MI

9 containers

Located in rural southern Michigan, the Haven utilizes nine shipping containers to form a three bedroom, three bathroom home. Additionally, it features a two-car garage, a screen porch, and a high-based pole barn to park an RV.  If that isn’t impressive enough, the Haven will be home to owners that will rescue puppies in a large, fenced-in area connecting the home to the barn.

Beechwood House, Royal Oak, MI

5 containers

The midcentury-inspired flat roof houses a home office and a library, as well as containing stunning 17 ft ceilings over the kitchen. We used 5 containers to create 3000 sf of space on top of an existing basement area. 

Beechwood House _ 02.jpg

The GrovePod, Grove Studios

2 containers

This building, comprised of two shipping containers, houses state of the art recording and sound equipment for any creative professional. Each unit can be outfitted in one of three tiers of professional equipment or sold for the owner to add their own equipment. Not only does it include everything a creator could need, but it can also move with them as it can be transported to different locations.

Lone Tree Point Acres, Torch Lake, MI

2 containers

This getaway cabin on Torch Lake in northern Michigan utilities a 40 ft container and a 20 ft container. The two come together to form a spacious, bright living space with a full kitchen and bathroom. It also includes storage space on the side. 

LTPA_SD_1_Color Corrected.jpeg
Cass Tiny House_01_5.2.2021.jpg

Cass Tiny Home, Detroit, MI

2 containers

 With 25 locations in the Detroit area, these small houses will house low-income citizens from all different walks of life like formerly homeless, college students, and senior citizens. One home, from TSI, utilizes two 20 ft containers to give residents 320 sf. Any resident who rents the home for seven years will then have the opportunity to own the property.

MOJO Detroit, Detroit, MI

6 containers

MOJO Detroit is a set of 4 housing units adding up to a total of 12 affordable units. Each building uses 6 shipping containers. The development also features a green area for residents to spend time outdoors, as well as parking access through a new alleyway placed in the middle of the block. You can find this project near the Henry Ford hospital in the Virginia Park neighborhood of Detroit. 

MOJO Detroit_06.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 11.03.26 AM.png

Cocodrilos, Land o' Lakes, FL

30 containers

With 23,000 sf of space in the Sunshine State, this development meets many vacation needs including 6 restaurants, 2 bars, 8 shopping spaces, 3 rental units, and an amphitheater. The rental units are placed just shy of the main building down a driveway loop from the entrance of the complex. The combination of indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment makes this project a perfect spot for a night out in the summer. 

The Bella House, Grand Rapids, MI

10 containers

Located just outside of Grand Rapids, this home uses 10 containers to create a space for TWO families to live! It features a double kitchen, 3.5 baths, and 5 bedrooms with 3 of them being master suites. The first level has a double height living room, and is shaped like a horseshoe to have an indoor and outdoor deck. It is a grand total of 4760 sf and even includes a two car garage. Each upstairs bedroom has a private balcony, but that is not the only way to take in the view — try the watch tower made out of a single container!

Bella House_08_edited.jpg

Lakeville Animal Clinic, Oxford, MI

4 containers

We added 4 containers to a busy veterinary clinic to give an additional 1000 sf of space. Now, the clinic has additional office space, a break room, extra storage for staff, and an organized layout of clinical rooms to best serve clientele. 

Box Hop Hygge, Rockbridge, OH

7 containers

Built of 7 shipping containers; 5 bedrooms, 2 bath with a large open concept living/kitchen/dining area on the first floor. Built back in the woods high up on a hill in Hocking Hills, OH - just south of Columbus. Complete with a semi-covered outdoor deck, two floating fireplaces, a hot tub and a barrell sauna, the "HooGah" can sleep up to 12 adults and is the perfect vacation getaway rental for large parties who would like to be immersed in nature and gave a chance to hike the beuatiful cliffs and valleys of the Hocking country area.


The Elmhurst Development, Detroit, MI

4 containers

Located in the north end of Detroit sits the Elmhurst development. This project utilizes 1680 sf to provide creative affordable housing to the Detroit community. The charming townhouse uses four containers to create two single-family units, each with two bedrooms. A notable feature of this development was that there were no special approvals, allowing for a swift project that is expected to break ground in the spring of 2022.

The Bennett House, Galivants Ferry, SC

5 containers

Set back in the woods close to Myrtle Beach, SC is the Bennett  House. Our first project in the state of South Carolina incorporates 5 containers to create a single family home that includes a carport for 4 cars and a tool shed. One unique feature about this home is that the tool shed will be built from a refrigerated container. In overall size, the Bennett House comes in at 2200 sf.