Sample Projects

Detroit Shipping Co, Detroit, MI

21 containers

This project is a restaurant collective and beer garden offering affordable upscale street food, two full bars, space for start-up retailers, and galleries featuring local artists. All situated in one building as Cass Corridor's newest architectural attraction.

Model Center, Detroit, MI

9 containers

Our three story, 2800 square foot Model Center was erected in six hours and 15 minutes in 2015. The 2,800-square-foot model unit features an open concept inside with exposed steel. It includes two units to show prospective buyers: a two-story, two-bedroom unit and a one-bedroom unit on the third floor and each has balcony space made from containers

Nipote's, Muskegon, MI

2 containers

Nipote's Italian Restaurant is the first full service bar, cafe and restaurant built of shipping containers in the state of Michigan! Located near the waterfront on the outskirts of downtown Muskegon, this Italian Kitchen draws a steady stream of customers to taste delicious home cooked food and experience a small scale building unlike anything they’ve seen before. ​

Concord Square at Islandview, Detroit, MI

84 containers, 12 buildings

Detroit native husband and wife duo are developing a mixed income
36 unit apartment complex right in their own neighborhood. Concord
Square repeats a three unit apartment module a total of twelve
times in four identical clusters, each surrounding a central courtyard
providing a perfect balance of public and private space where the
communities can meet and greet one another as they come and go. 

Infinity Properties Eco Housing, Romulus, MI

60 containers

Planned just a stone’s throw from the Detroit Metro Airport and the new Amazon fulfillment center, this project will provide a much needed commercial oasis and housing options for young professionals and locals looking for a change of pace. The front of the building consists of two levels of container apartments raised on top of a reinforced concrete structure housing four commercial tenants set to include a cafe and a grab-and-go sandwich shop. 

Grixdale Pocket Homes, Hazel Park, MI

8 containers

During the building boom of the 20th century, lots were divided into smaller and smaller parcels to maximize the density of urban neighborhoods - today, many are virtually unbuildable due to their narrow dimensions. Good thing two shipping containers side by side are only 16' wide and can fill these challenging lots with room to spare! This project is a proposal that groups clusters of these two story, two unit apartments in pairs that can share a common drive between them, allowing a side yard between units. 

Tiny Urban Escapes, Indianapolis, IN

1 each, 16+ containers total

Located on the fringes of the bustling urban core of Indy, Tiny Urban Escapes offers a relaxing getaway in a unique concept. Each 20ft container is a luxury hotel room. Groups of these container resorts are sprinkled strategically throughout dense wooded areas providing a quick rest and relaxation option without having to travel far. Every unit has a lavish bathroom with a walk in shower, a kitchenette, and lots of natural daylight.

Ebeling House, Bruce Township, MI

6 containers

The Ebeling house is a unique hybrid construction utilizing both shipping containers and traditional lumber framing to create a
spacious three bedroom, 2.5 bath house complete with a home office, open concept kitchen/living/dining, a generously sized pantry, laundry room, and an attached three car garage with a workshop!

Gusbox, Kalamazoo, MI

4 containers

Gusbox set out to be one of the most efficient and ecologically friendly uses of shipping containers that Three Squared has ever worked on. Constructed of just four containers, A horseshoe mezzanine wraps around the double height space providing two upper bedrooms, rounding out the two bathrooms and open concept first level.

Hidden Castle, Burtchville Township, MI

7 containers

Tucked away in the forest of eastern Michigan’s coastline is a beautiful ranch style farmhouse built of seven shipping containers. The hybrid building is attached to an adjacent three car garage with ample workspace and a wrap around deck. By exulating the building, we leave the corrugated shipping container walls and ceiling exposed on the interior of the house for a stunning modern farmhouse look. 

Garden Homes Infill Housing, Hazel Park, MI

6 containers

In collaboration with developers and a team of experienced architects and designers, Garden Homes are a solution to the vacant narrow lots left behind in the wake of demolitions in the post industrial era in Detroit and surrounding communities. At only 24ft in width, they are cleverly planned to blend in with the  surrounding homes; most people don’t even assume these homes are built of shipping containers unless told.

More Space House, Hazel Park, MI

9 containers

Unique from any other building on the block, yet able to fit in with the vernacular context, this home utilizes all the built-in efficiencies of  container buildings. A comfortable three bedroom / two and a half bath setup includes multiple balconies, large living space and kitchen, and a two car garage all constructed of containers! The “L” shaped design maximizes the usable space by stacking containers perpendicularly and utilizes two different container sizes.

Cargominium, Columbus, OH

54 containers

This project is the largest container apartment project in the US. We delivered the containers for this 26-unit apartment complex in January which completed our role in the project. The project was on hold for six weeks due to State inspections, by subsequently the State of Ohio is using our code compliance standards for commercial buildings for Cargo Architecture.

Pour Choice, Oceanside, CA

6 containers

Pour Choice's mission is to create outdoor multipurpose communal spaces out of re purposed shipping containers and self automated taps. The spaces will include an outdoor court yard with various games, activities, dog park, self-service beer garden, coffee/juice shop, event venue and art space

Port Authority, Detroit, MI

1 container

This highly visible educational and interactive kiosk was delivered in December 2016 to the Port Authority which receives more than three million visitors every year. This is the first of a series of interactive kiosks along the Detroit Riverfront.

Eagle Plaza Park Project, Royal Oak, MI

2 containers

This high visibility project includes bike racks and a sitting area in dense downtown Royal Oak and has been dubbed the “Smart Park”, The Mayor officiated the ribbon cutting on July 13, 2017

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