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Sample Projects

Detroit Shipping Co, Detroit, MI

21 containers

This project is a restaurant collective and beer garden offering affordable upscale street food, two full bars, space for start-up retailers, and galleries featuring local artists. All situated Cass Corridor's newest architectural attraction.

Model Center, Detroit, MI

9 containers

Our three story, 2800 square foot Model Center was erected in six hours and 15 minutes in 2015. The 2,800-square-foot model unit features an open concept inside, but exposed steel. It includes two units to show prospective buyers: a two-story, two-bedroom unit and a one-bedroom unit on the third floor and each has balcony space made from containers

Cargominium, Columbus, OH

54 containers

This project is the largest container apartment project in the US. We delivered the containers for this 26-unit apartment complex in January which completed our role in the project. The project was on hold for six weeks due to State inspections, by subsequently the State of Ohio is using our code compliance standards for commercial buildings for Cargo Architecture.

Eagle Plaza Park Project, Royal Oak, MI

2 containers

This high visibility project includes bike racks and a sitting area in dense downtown Royal Oak and has been dubbed the “Smart Park”, The Mayor officiated the ribbon cutting on July 13, 2017

Check out our video: Click here 

Port Authority, Detroit, MI

1 container

This highly visible educational and interactive kiosk was delivered in December to the Port Authority which receives more than three million visitors every year. This is the first of a series of interactive kiosks along the Detroit Riverfront.

Nipote's, Muskegon, MI

2 containers

This is a trendy 1500 sf restaurant in Muskegon serving Italian food. 

Pour Choice, Oceanside, CA

6 containers

Pour Choice's mission is to create outdoor multipurpose communal spaces out of re purposed shipping containers and self automated taps. The spaces will include an outdoor court yard with various games, activities, dog park, self-service beer garden, coffee/juice shop, event venue and art space