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Mack Home

Courtney Thompson_Exterior-02_logo.png

The Mack Home is a single-family residence and commercial space located in Detroit, Michigan. Two identical buildings form separate spaces but are connected by a closed garage

The home is made up of 4 bedrooms and 2 1⁄2 baths and the large master suite walks out onto a deck above the garage. Each space is 2,400 sf bringing the project to a total of 4,800 sf

In front of the home, sitting on MLK Blvd, is the commercial space. This is a white box business/retail space on a prominent street ready for tenant developments

This project has a stunning contemporary design and an iconic bright red exterior that will be hard to miss

The Mack Home is powered by the design technology and algorithms developed by houm
(houm process discussed more in Ep. 35 of the Innovative Real Estate Podcast)


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