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Top 3 Questions To Ask Before You Build Your Shipping Container Home

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Want to build a container home but don't know where to start? Lucky for you, Three Squared has completed 25+ completed projects with 45+ more in the works (check them out here)!

And with a 100% approval rating in every area we've worked, we're confident we can help you take the right first steps for your project.

There is so much information to be found when planning your home that it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start. That's why we encourage all of our clients to start with these three questions to help smooth along the planning process.

1. Where are you building?

Most people get so excited about designing their shipping container home that they start designing their home before they've even acquired land for it.

Why do we recommend against doing this? Because where you choose to build affects all other aspects of the building process.

Things like soil density, trees, sunlight, and even other buildings may not be top of mind for you, but they are important factors that have to be considered when we design your shipping container home. People often forget to make sure that what they want to build is consistent with the neighborhood and meets all zoning requirements.

That is why we start with the question of location when designing. This helps mitigate any site-related challenges up front so the rest of the process is smooth sailing.

Note: In some instances, a conceptual design is required to purchase a site. If this is your situation, please connect with our team here to learn more about this process.

2. What are you building?

Once your location is confirmed, we can get into more detail with square footage (what will fit on the site) and design! All of our projects are custom, so you get exactly what you need to fit your design & budget.

Something to keep in mind is that as your architectural team, we cannot tell you what to build. We are ready to help as much as we can, but we can’t make the decisions for you on what your needs are. Thinking realistically about what you need allows us to work within your guidelines to create a successful project for you.

For example, you can imagine how much more helpful it would be to know that you want a 2,600 square foot home with 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms with a modern aesthetic... than "I'm flexible, anything works for me!"

By using alternative materials like shipping containers, we get to have fun creating something that meets your wants and needs while still looking cool and meeting your budget.

Which brings us to our final question...

3. What budget do you have to build with?

The most frequently asked question we get is “how much is it going to cost?”

And time & time again we answer back with the question of "Well, what is your budget?"

Because ultimately, you'll want to work your project backwards. This means connecting with lenders early on and seeing what budget you are pre-approved for so you know what parameters to build within.

Find more details on our fee structure in the middle section of this page here.

We understand that the cost of traditional building is increasing, and this is oftentimes the reason our clients choose to use innovative building materials for their project. So tell us what your budget is, and from there our team will check in on average construction costs in your area to help you decide what will be feasible to build.

Next Steps

Our mission here at Three Squared is to create real buildings rather than just designs that sit in cyberspace... and that's exactly why we provide so much education on our website and with our sales team to help make your vision a reality.

Our ability to design creative and innovative structures depends on your location, needs, and budget. These 3 questions are how we get every project started on the right foot so our clients end up with the home of their dreams.

We are excited about the growing demand for container homes, and if you are ready to get started with the leaders in this industry, then we invite you to connect with our team by filling out this simple contact form today.

The form linked above takes just 60 seconds to fill out, and you can expect our team to reach out to you within 48 hours to answer all of your questions about the process.

To go more in-depth about where to start with shipping containers check out the second episode of our Innovative Real Estate podcast! In this episode we break down everything you need to know to make your dream project a reality!

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