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Journey To Pulling Allen County’s First Shipping Container Home Permit

In a groundbreaking moment for Allen County, IN, our client, JT King, secured the FIRST shipping container home building permit in the county.


The journey towards this achievement began with a bold idea—to revolutionize housing  and explore innovative alternatives. 

Last year, JT, along with 25 delegates from the city of Fort Wayne, traveled to our model center -the first container home in Michigan. Here they witnessed firsthand the endless possibilities of innovative housing design and construction. This trip ignited a spark of inspiration that would grow into the Innovative Housing Showcase - a development partnership between Royal Developments and the city of Fort Wayne to highlight 4 different innovative building typologies.

Fast forward just over a year after the initial visit - and the first container home in the city of Fort Wayne has been approved for construction with the mayor and representatives from multiple city departments present- and has recently broken ground.

This achievement is not just about obtaining the permit—it's about highlighting the collaborative efforts between architecture firm, client, and municipality to actively work towards housing solutions and redefine what housing development can look like.

Our team and Royal Developments, collaborated on comprehensive research, planning, and design initiatives. Together, our efforts allowed for an effective design process that led to the pulling of the permit.

This moment marks a significant milestone in redefining homebuilding standards and pushing the boundaries in one the hardest industries to enact change.

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Royal Developments, and the city of Fort Wayne for their unwavering commitment to change.

Together, we've rewritten the script of what's possible in the housing industry, and the journey is far from over.

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