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All About houm: The Three Key Terms You Need To Know

Meet houm: a new way of building that creates attainable, sustainable, and custom houses with both beauty and efficiency in mind.

As excited as we are to announce this partnership, we recognize that with anything new & innovative comes the necessary education around how that new technology works. And since houm's construction process is cutting-edge, you might not be familiar with some of the processes involved.

That’s why in this blog post, we break down the three most important terms you need to know so you can understand all that houm has to offer! Let's dive in.

1) Digital Fabrication

One of the best parts about houm is the way it brings the most expensive parts of a house together into one unified core. Through years of research & development, we were able to make these efficiencies possible with the precision of digital fabrication so this core can be delivered to the site as one "piece" of the house.

Digital fabrication is the process by which something is constructed using digital tools. 3D printers, CNC mills, and laser cutters are all examples of digital fabrication at work, as is often seen in the automotive industry.

The speed & precision of this digital fabrication combined with houm’s refined core allow us to arrive on site in a matter of days, saving you time and money as the developer or home builder on the project.

In other words, advanced fabrication tools will fabricate "pieces" of your home off-site, and then talented contractors and tradespeople will put all of the pieces together on-site.

2) Industrial Scale Production

Industrial scale production leverages well-established ways of making buildings at a large scale.

Similar to the process used in the automotive industry or furniture manufacturing buildings,

houm uses these same processes on a smaller scale for single family housing, which maximizes construction efficiency.

Think of it as a futuristic way of building a beautiful and attainable custom home.

3) Generative Design

Generative design helps us design smarter homes more efficiently.

Imagine using algorithms to produce hundreds of options, which are then evaluated to find the best option for each site.

We can use this process to custom-tailor designs to each client and site. For example, we can take your site orientation and solar exposure into consideration to quickly lay out the best positioning for windows & doors to maximize energy efficiencies throughout the house.

We then pair this AI-driven intelligence with human ingenuity to find the sweet spot of beauty and efficiency for your home design.

Want to learn more about houm? Check it out here or get started on your own project by contacting our team here.

Also be sure to follow along with all things Three Squared and houm on Instagram where we'll be keeping you up to date on any updates for our exciting partnership.

Finally, if you’re eager to learn directly from our team, check out the Innovative Real Estate Podcast! We release new trainings and Q&A segments every other week, and we invite you to get started with these episodes below:

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