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Everything You Need To Know About houm’s Process

The construction industry is one of the hardest industries to enact change in.

Plain and simple.

From skeptical contractors to traditional trades people and risk-averse lenders & planning departments... change can seem near impossible.

But the fear of doing things differently can keep a society stuck in the past with inefficient processes that don't make sense given the technologies we have at our disposal.

Through the refinement of houm’s core, we discovered that many of the current housing options are:

  • Inefficient

  • Unsustainable

  • Unattainable

After years of research and refinement - through experimentation and developing housing for non-profits both in the United States and internationally; houm formed a method that partners with leading edge institutions.

houm is not like anything else on the market.

We implement advanced technology to rethink the way we do construction. Even with cutting-edge algorithms and tools, our mission is simple:

Build smarter, better and greener homes.

You might be asking “that’s great, but what does that mean, and how does it work?” Let's unpack it.

1) Smarter Homes:

Building smarter means leveraging well-established industrial scale ways of making buildings.

Not only are these processes efficient, they

also cut time and cost of a project without foregoing the quality of the home.

Using advanced technology like simulation, generative design, and digital fabrication,

houm creates houses that are smarter not only in design, but also in fabrication.

This is what cuts both construction costs and time off of a project, allowing you the opportunity to complete construction and move into your home sooner.

2) Better Homes:

Let’s face it, there are a lot of homes currently on the market that all look the same.

The common “cookie-cutter” house may be exactly what some people want, but chances are if you’re here you don’t want a house that looks like everyone else's.

Building a better home comes down to 2 things:

First, how it’s crafted and second, how it looks.

As discussed above, houm leverages advanced technology to fabricate parts of a house. In doing so it increases the speed and precision of construction, which saves you time, money and improves quality.

Although each home is fabricated with the same efficient tools and process, no two homes will look the same in the end.

Every home built is individualized to your needs and building location.

This means you get exactly the aesthetic you want while optimizing for building & energy efficiencies inside.

These processes allow houm to build cost conscious housing without compromising on quality or beauty.

3) Greener Homes:

The final piece in understanding houm is environmental stewardship.

As one of the most notoriously wasteful industries in the world, it's important to be mindful of the impact construction has on the environment.

That's exactly why houm involves algorithms and digital fabrication to minimize construction waste. The result is a more precise way of building that optimizes for sustainability at its core.

With advanced technology and utilizing the benefit of algorithms, houm creates sustainable custom single-family houses that are not like anything currently on the market.

Want to learn more about houm? Check it out here or get started on your own project by contacting our team.

Also be sure to follow along with all things Three Squared and houm on Instagram where we'll be keeping you up to date on any updates for our exciting partnership.

Finally, if you’re eager to learn directly from our team, check out the Innovative Real Estate Podcast! We release new trainings and Q&A segments every other week, and we invite you to get started with these episodes below:

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