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Three Squared Proposes Mobile Support Units for Emergency Housing

In the wake of COVID-19, Three Squared has been busy focusing our efforts on what we can do to help. While traditionally our lane has been in multifamily and mixed-use housing, we have identified a growing need for on-site mobile support units for hospital overflow and housing units for medical staff to stay close by patients. Three Squared’s extensive knowledge and experience in building with Cargo Architecture allows us to pivot our focus from multifamily affordable housing structures to promptly fill this need to support healthcare workers on the front lines facing this pandemic.

  • Each Mobile Support Unit contains two beds with a central bathroom

  • The bathroom has an exterior door so that doctors and nurses can decontaminate before entering/exiting the unit

  • Mobile Support Units may house patients or medical staff, depending on hospital needs

  • Units can be delivered to the site via truck and dropped on temporary foundations or directly onto asphalt or concrete parking lots

  • Groups of Units can be covered with a tent structure to quickly expand hospital capacities

  • Each unit is equipped to hook up to temporary water and power supply and includes a self-sustaining waste management system

  • Three Squared Inc. has the capability to scale production of support units by demand

  • Afterwards, Support Squared Units can be repurposed to be used as housing units for homeless, emergency relief housing, college dormitories, etc.

As a company, we are seeking feedback and opportunity for collaboration to assist those tirelessly working to care for patients and manage today’s COVID-19 crisis. We understand that buildings of any scale are the product of no one person, but rather the efforts of many people working together to create the best possible functionality. Three Squared, Inc. is devoted to being good stewards of the built environment and our intention is to use our skills, knowledge, and experience to do anything we can to help support healthcare workers during these unprecedented times. Please contact us directly at to support these efforts.

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