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13. Why You Need An Architect (...Especially If You Think You Don't)

We also dive into the complex world of building approvals, and why the process can be challenging but nothing to fear when you have the right team in place. Here is a glimpse of what you'll learn from us in this episode:

  • Why you probably need an architect (especially if you think you don't).

  • Good architects vs. bad architects - and how to spot the difference.

  • What it really means to have an architect on your team (hint: it's more than just a design)

  • An inside look at what it takes to get a building approved.

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: The Shanty Creek Cabin!

To find the full show notes for today's episode click here. >>> Ask us about your project here. To learn more about designing & building with shipping containers, check out these supplemental episodes: 1) Your Quick Start Guide to Container Home Foundations, Insulation & Roofing. 2) Cargo Architecture 101: What You NEED to Know About Building with Shipping Containers

"Every minute you spend designing a project saves you an hour in drawing... and every hour you save in drawing saves you 10 hours fixing issues in the real world."

-Breck Crandell (Director of Design, TSI)

Show Notes: ​

  • 0:33 - Introduction to Episode 13.

  • 2:10 - Breck's project highlight of the week: The Shanty Creek Cabin.

  • 4:47 - What it means to be a hybrid architecture firm.

  • 6:09 - Do you need an architect for your project?

    • 6:46 - When you need an architectural stamp for a project. ​

    • 8:34 - Having not just an architect... but also an advocate for the whole building process.

    • 10:24 - An architect can not only help save time, but they can also help clients save money.

    • 12:10 - Architects are a tool to help achieve your vision.

    • 13:19 - We want to work with you to help design something that will actually be built.

  • 15:24 - Why you need to have an architect when building innovative single family homes. ​

    • 17:08 - Having a personalized and custom building is one of the draws of having an architect. ​

    • 18:26 - An architect is going to save you money.

  • 21:28 - The value and necessity of having a commercial architect.

  • 22:17 - The complexities of getting buildings approved both locally and federally. ​

  • 25:00 - Concluding thoughts for Episode 13.

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