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How can I schedule a tour of the Detroit Model Center?

We’d love to show you around our Model Center! Let's set up a time that fits your schedule You can reach us via email at


Do you have any units currently available for sale?

Unfortunately, we do not have any container units currently for rent or sale because we are an architecture firm, not a development company.


However, we would be happy to work with you to design and construct a project that fits your needs!


Where do you source your containers from?

All over the country! We work closely with suppliers all across the U.S. to find the best container for your project needs.


How long will it take to build from start to finish?

While this varies from project to project, we know from experience that our timeline is significantly shorter than that of traditional construction. For example, we recently completed a project in 6 months that would have required 10 months using traditional construction methods.


Do you provide local contractors?

Three Squared is prepared to help you vet local contractors for your project based on experience, and willingness to learn and understand the intricacies of cargo architecture.


Do you have any stamped Designs or Plans available for sale?

Shipping Container buildings are just like any other buildings - largely dependent on their context. Each building is a unique design built to fit the requirements of the users and site. Our Projects Team would be happy to work alongside you to create a design from scratch or adapt a current drawing into a container project uniquely yours.


What makes your buildings so energy efficient?

Shipping containers are beautifully engineered objects - built to stack up to twelve high, each packed with tens of thousands of pounds of materials to be shipped across oceans through harsh winds and storms. Making a building out of such a structurally efficient object makes the building much stronger, sturdier, and innately weather resistant. We start with a waterproof box, and carefully craft openings for doors and windows, leaving an energy efficient envelope.


Do your projects meet local building codes?

Absolutely! In fact, our container structures are built to exceed the requirements of the international building codes.


Are you hiring?

Thank you for your interest in working with us! While we are not currently hiring, please send your resume along with a short summary of why you’d love to join our team to and we will absolutely consider your application when we are ready to expand our team.


What does the process look like?

Three Squared is prepared to work closely with you from design conception through project completion! We will help work with local municipalities, contractors, and suppliers to create the right team to realize your vision. When it’s time to build, we source, engineer, modify and erect the containers for the project serving as construction managers. Click here for more information on our Process.


Do I need to already have a developed design?

Nope! When it comes to cargo architecture, most people might not fully understand the intricacies of working with shipping containers. That’s where Three Squared can help! If you’re prepared with a concept for a design, we can assist you in assuring that containers are applied in the most efficient way possible. Otherwise, our design team is well equipped to bring your vision to reality.

Do I need to already have land?

We do suggest that you already have a site acquired since this is extremely beneficial for the efficiency of the design process and overall project timeline. However, we understand that sometimes it can be helpful to have the design prior to the land acquisition, so we are prepared to discuss your project scope and work with you on crafting a contract and process that fits your unique situation.


How much will my project cost?

Typical container projects have similar costs to other conventional construction methods but are built much faster. The project cost will vary based on location, unique project needs, material availability, and labor force requirements. Every step in the process of designing a building with Three Squared includes a comprehensive cost estimate so that we can ensure that the project costs align with client expectations. In the meantime you can find our step 1 retainer pricing here


Do you offer any financing?

While we do not offer any financing we can refer several lending companies that offer financing on new construction and understand cargo architecture. Email for more information.

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