Innovative Real Estate Podcast Show Notes

Episode 13- Why You Need An Architect (...Especially If You Think You Don't)

Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn from us in this episode: 

  • Why you need an architect (especially if you think you don't).

  • Good architects vs. bad architects - and how to spot the difference.

  • What it really means to have an architect on your team (hint: it's more than just a design)

  • An inside look at what it takes to get a building approved. 

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: The Shanty Creek Cabin! 

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"Every minute you spend designing a project saves you an hour in drawing... and every hour you save in drawing saves you 10 hours fixing issues in the real world."​

- Breck Crandell, Director of Design

Show Notes:

  • 0:33 - Introduction to Episode 13. 

  • 2:10 - Breck's project highlight of the week: The Shanty Creek Cabin.

  • 4:47 - What it means to be a hybrid architecture firm. 

  • 6:09 - Do you need an architect for your project? 

    • 6:46 - When you need an architectural stamp for a project. ​

    • 8:34 - Having not just an architect... but also an advocate for the whole building process.

    • 10:24 - An architect can not only help save time, but they can also help clients save money.

    • 12:10 - Architects are a tool to help achieve your vision. 

    • 13:19 - We want to work with you to help design something that will actually be built. 

  • 15:24 - Why you need to have an architect when building innovative single family homes. ​

    • 17:08 - Having a personalized and custom building is one of the draws of having an architect. ​

    • 18:26 - An architect is going to save you money. 

  • 21:28 - The value and necessity of having a commercial architect. 

  • 22:17 - The complexities of getting buildings approved both locally and federally. ​

  • 25:00 - Concluding thoughts for Episode 13. 

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