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Start your project faster than ever.

You know us for our custom container homes that took the internet by storm. Now we've made it easier than ever to get started with our Builder Ready Plans. Think: same superior design without the fuss of a custom process. Just pick a plan, add on optional support from our team if you want it, and get going. 

A New Way To Work With Us

By popular demand, we're thrilled to launch a brand new option to get started on your container home faster than ever.


Don't need a full custom design process? Our Container Home Builder Ready Plans come in at a fraction of the cost of our typical custom design process.

These are superior container home designs crafted with years of industry experience in mind. These are not the same old cookie-cutter plans the internet is drowning in. Keep scrolling to learn more or connect with our team.

Want to get started? Let's connect:

Want to talk to our team about purchasing Builder-Ready Plans? Just fill out this quick form & we'll reach out to you ASAP.


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Core Collection: Container Home Plans

Tiny Container Home

  • Luxury Tiny Container Home

  • 1 Bed, 1 Bath

  • 640 Square Feet

  • 2 Shipping Containers

  • Plans Starting at $2700

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Two Bedroom Container Home

  • Luxury Mid-Sized Container Home

  • 2 Bed, 1 Bath

  • 960 Square Feet

  • 3 Shipping Containers

  • Plans Starting at $3300

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Family Container Home

  • Starter Family Home

  • 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath

  • 1,920 Square Feet

  • 6 Shipping Containers

  • Plans Starting at $4100

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  • Architectural Plans

    • Floorplan

    • Elevations

  • Structural Engineering

    • Framing Layout

    • Roofing Design

  • Window & Door Schedule

  • Electrical & Lighting Plan

  • Insulation Details

Additional Services:

  • Foundation plan may range $1000-$5000

  • Stamp for permit (custom fee)

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Your Questions - Answered.

Scroll through our top FAQs below or contact our team to learn more.

How much do Three Squared's Builder Ready Plans cost?

Can I customize these plans after purchase?

What all is included in these Builder Ready Plans?

Can Three Squared build these plans for me?

How much will these plans cost to build?

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