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50. Launching Builder Ready Plans: Your Questions Answered

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn in this episode: 

  • What are Three Squared's Builder Ready Plans?

  • How much do they cost to purchase?

  • What design options are available?

  • Can I customize these plans after purchase?

  • Can Three Squared build these plans for me?

“If you are going for budget and timeline over anything then this is the path for you.”

-Breck Crandell (Director of Design) 

Show Notes:

  • 0:30 - Introduction to Episode 50. 

  • 2:47 - Project highlight of the week: Builder Ready Plans

  • 5:14  - What makes our Builder Ready Plans better than typical internet home plans?

  • 7:53 - How much do they cost for design and project support? 

  • 9:49 - Answering questions on customization. 

  • 12:19 - Everything that is included in the plans. 

  • 15:50 - INSIDER TIP: How to get the right plans that can actually get built. 

  • 16:10 - Three Squared is not a general contractor - here's why and tips for working with one.

  • 17:50 - How much do the Builder Ready Plans cost to build? 

  • 21:58 - Concluding thoughts for Episode 50

Supplementary episode from today's conversation:

Ep. 39 - Buying Home Plans On The Internet: Who Can You Trust And What Is Legit?  

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