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10. Responding to Haters... Unfiltered Answers To Our Most Common Objections

Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn from us in this episode:​

  • The story behind Breck's accidentally viral TikTok account.

  • Our unfiltered responses to comments from two of Breck's most popular videos.

  • Affordable housing solutions and how we are working to end the stigma.

  • How Cargo Architecture holds up in areas prone to natural disasters like hurricanes.

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: The Elmhurst Development!

> Be sure to follow along with our latest project progress on Breck's TikTok page!

> Find the full show notes from today's episode here. > For behind the scenes footage, project updates & more, follow @threesquaredinc on Instagram. >>> Ask us about your project here. To learn more about designing & building with shipping containers, check out these supplemental episodes: 1) Best Advice for Beginner Developers: How to Start & How Much It Will Cost 2) Cargo Architecture 101: What You NEED to Know About Building with Shipping Containers

"I've had a riot seeing what people think about Cargo Architecture projects... you just can't believe everything you read on the internet."

-Breck Crandell (Director of Design, TSI)

Show Notes:

  • 1:25 - Introduction into episode 10.

  • 2:09 - Breck's project highlight of the week: The Elmhurst Development!

  • 4:03 - The story behind how Breck went viral on TikTok

  • 5:05 - Responding to comments on the The Ebeling House video.

    • 5:12 - Costs...and why you cannot believe everything you hear on the internet.

    • 8:17 - How shipping container structures are insulated to meet code. (More information about this in ep. 7)

    • 9:32 - Debunking some cost myths about single family home residences.

    • 10:39 - Working on a school project regarding shipping containers? We are happy to answer questions!

    • 12:32 - Why shipping container homes are not necessarily white noise machines.

    • 13:58 - Making modern homes look traditional. Ex; Garden Homes, More Space House, Model Center.

    • 14:52 - Using containers to build homes for those in need.

    • 15:21 - The tricky process of selling design plans, and why they wouldn't be permittable.

    • 18:14 -Shipping container homes are strong enough to withstand hurricanes.

    • 19:30 - Ending the stigma on affordable housing.

  • 21:25 - Responding to comments on the Box Hop Hygge video.

    • 24:30 - The planning software we use to design our projects.​

    • 25:13 - Our role in the supply chain world. (More information in ep. 9)​

  • Conclusion for episode 10.​

Ask us about your project here!

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