Innovative Real Estate Podcast Show Notes

EPISODE 9 - The Truth About Three Squared: What It Really Took To Become The Experts In Innovative Design

Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn from us in this episode:


  • Leslie's life before Three Squared, and how she turned Three Squared into the industry leader it is today.

  • What we lost and what we learned through surviving the year 2007.

  • How a name change... changed everything.

  • Why transparency matters to us as an architecture firm. 

  • What makes us a standout choice for those looking to work with a highly skilled (& lovable) design team.

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: The Hygge!

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“I can honestly say that we are the experts of  [cargo architecture]." 

- Leslie Horn (CEO of Three Squared, Inc.)

Show Notes:

  • 0:39 - Introduction into Episode 9!

  • 1:19 - Breck's project highlight of the week: The Box Hop Hygge

  • 3:56 - Life before Three Squared.

    • 4:39 - Leslie's background before becoming the CEO of Three Squared, and why she chose Detroit.​

    • 7: 34 - How/why 2007 changed everything.

    • 9:47 - Changes that allowed Three Squared to become what it is today. 

    • 11:19 - How the name "Three Squared" allows our company to evolve.

    • 12:51 - Showing proof of what Three Squared could become by building the Model Center.

  • 14:16 - Finding the right people.

  • 14:59 - Working and branding with developers to create innovative housing. 

  • 17:28 - How transitioning from a development firm to a design and architecture firm opened the door for many new opportunities.

  • 20:24 - Why being a transparent company matters to us.

  • 22:39 - Importance of being a woman led company in architecture. 

  • 24:05 - Conclusion for Episode 9. 

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