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Dream of Detroit

Courtney Thompson_Exterior-02_logo.png

Dream of Detroit is an innovative 1760 sf community project. Through the use of 7 upcycled shipping containers, this project aims to establish a warm and inclusive environment that caters to the diverse needs of the community. This open layout project is completely ADA accessible, making it easy for individuals of all abilities to move and participate freely. With multiple covered seating options, everyone can feel comfortable and welcomed, no matter the weather conditions. Through the use of permeable paving, seamless wheelchair access without water runoff challenges is guaranteed. The design also includes a performance stage that will create a vibrant community atmosphere, hosting a variety of exciting events and celebrations.Furthermore, there will be a retail kiosk that aims to promote and empower local businesses and entrepreneurs. A notable aspect of this project is the state-of-the-art digital literacy lab, providing access to cutting-edge computers and other digital technologies.  Additionally, in order to enhance the positive influence on the community, Dream of Detroit is deeply committed to sustainability by incorporating native plants, which will contribute to the natural beauty of the inclusive space.


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