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72. Hot Takes On The AEC Industry With General Contractor Ty Petrie

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn: 

  • Who is Ty Petrie and how did he become a general contractor. 

  • What responsibilities do GC's have. 

  •  Challenges with labor, materials, and financing 

  • How do we build homes that last longer than their mortgage

  • Project highlight of the week: Gateway Industrial

"You have to build a culture of pride in the work you do."

-Ty Petrie, General Contractor (Living Edge Creations LLC)

Show Notes:

  • 0:30 - Intro to ep. 72

  • 0:54 - Project Highlight of the Week: Gateway Industrial.

  • 2:56 - Introduction to Ty Petrie who he is and his connection to TSI. 

  • 7:02 - Not everyone is cut out to be a general contractor and what made Ty want to go into it?

  • 13:20 - What does the material market look like from a GC’s point of view?

  • 18:47 - What leads to unrealistic expectations? 

  • 20:30 - The relationship between general contractor and architect.

  • 23:40 - Finding the right crew to work with as a general contractor. 

  • 26:07 - Building a culture of pride in the work you do. 

  • 28:30 - How do we build buildings that last longer than their mortgage?

  • 31:00 - The responsibility general contractors hold. 

  • 33:24 - You don’t get paid to learn, you get paid for having learned. 

  • 35:05 - What would be a dream project for Ty? 

  • 38:20 - Concluding thoughts for ep. 72

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