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71. The Role Robotics Plays in Architecture with Dr. Sara Codarin

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn: 

  • Who is Dr. Sara Codarin and her work.

  • Using robotics to restore historical sites.

  • How do robotics fit into the future of design and construction.

  • Are robots going to take away construction jobs? 

  • Detroit is a robotics city.

"I think it’s important especially in education to frame robotics as an opportunity for design."


- Dr.Sara Codarin, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Robotics, Lawrence Technological University

Show Notes:

  • 0:30 - Introduction to ep. 71 

  • 1:30 - Introduction to Sara Codarin, assistant professor of architecture at LTU.

  • 3:46 - Using robotics and 3D modeling to restore historical sites. 

  • 6:30 - Every building is a prototype.

  • 11:50 - Detroit is a top robotics city. 

  • 12:49 How do robotics fit into the future of design and construction?

  • 14:35 - Using off the shelf materials for 3D printing. 

  • 16:20 - Encouraging the use of robotics in education. 

  • 18:00 - What we can learn from single task robots. 

  • 20:00 - Why are robots intimidating us and how do we deconstruct them? 

  • 25:17 - Using robotics to bridge the gap of the labor shortage. 

  • 26:57 - Robotics are getting cheaper and easier to access while construction labor is getting more expensive and harder to find. 

  • 29:00 - Are robots going to take jobs away from real people? 

  • 34:09 - What will Sara’s future work include?

  • 38:10 - Concluding thoughts for ep. 71.

To learn more about Sara's work and research follow her on her Instagram, and read more about her here. Read one of Sara's most recent publications: Enhancing the workforce in construction: robotic concrete printing in Detroit.

Learn more about Lawrence Technological University's work with robots here.

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