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65. Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate Investments with Jan Dijkers

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn: 

  • Who is Jan Dijkers and her role in the real estate industry

  • How she helps developers find land and create efficient housing

  • Why it's important to have girt as a developer

  • Thinking twice about Land Bank land

  • Project Highlight of the Week: Veterans Housing Prototype

"I don’t think your budget should limit your access to great support and good properties." 

-Jan Dijkers (President and Managing Broker, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, The Loft Warehouse)

Show Notes:

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  • 0:30 - Introduction to Ep. 65. 

  • 1:06 - Breck’s Project Highlight of The Week: Veteran Housing Prototype 

  • 3:37 - Leslie introduces President and Managing Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, The Loft Warehouse, Jan Dijkers. 

  • 6:40 - How Jan got her start in real estate and property management. 

  • 8:44 - Working with developers from the start to create efficient housing that people will buy. 

  • 10:40 - Using a buyer mindset when analyzing building plans. 

  • 14:45 - Having resilience as a new developer - what does the process look like?

  • 16:30 - Why you may want to think twice about Land Bank land. 

  • 17:50 - Family housing options in the city of Detroit. 

  • 19:47 - How building codes are limiting building size.

  • 22:28 - Interest rate implications on what's available on the real estate market.

  • 28:14 - What does an ideal client look like for Berkshire Hathaway and The Loft Warehouse?

  • 31:30 - Advice for new developers. 

  • 34:16 - Partnering with someone who has experience. 

  • 36:45 - Concluding thoughts for Episode 65.

Head to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, The Loft Warehouse to learn more about their services.

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