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59. CASE STUDY: Our First Cabin with Sarah Victoria & Matt Ng

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Sarah and Matt's story and inspiration.

  • Buying plans on the internet. 

  • What's not included in online plans. 

  • How much research you should be doing as a first time builder. 

  • Building a traditional cabin with non traditional materials. 

  • Project Highlight of the Week: Our First Cabin!

“The first step we took with our plans was speaking to an architect.”

-Matt Ng, Our First Cabin

Show Notes:

  • 0:30 - Introduction to episode 59  and Sarah Victoria and Matt Ng.

  • 1:56 - What inspired their build. 

  • 4:21 - Project Highlight of the week: Our First Cabin. 

  • 5:13 - Sarah and Matt’s experience buying home plans on the internet.

  • 10:34 - Benefits of buying plans for first time builders.

  • 13:22 - Everything that goes into customizing plans. 

  • 16:05 - What was not included in the pre-drawn plans.

  • 17:48 - What happens under the ground is just as important as above ground. 

  • 19:34 - Incorporating innovative materials to save money. 

  • 24:00 -  How doing your research impacts your project. 

  • 27:00 - Triple pane windows. 

  • 30:10 - Alternatives to basement foundations. 

  • 34:15 - Would they do it again? And what would they do differently?

  • 38:25 - How building a home strengthens a relationship. 

  • 43:53 - Concluding thoughts for ep. 59. 

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Look out for a booking link for Our First Cabin in spring of 2024 - after mud season.

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