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44. Collaboration Case Study: Steelhaus Detroit's Mixed-Use Container Home

Here's what you'll learn in today's episode: 

  • Introduction to Steelhaus 

  • How Chris and Nicole's background impacted their design. 

  • How zoning ordinance and building code affect a projects scope. 

“As a piece of advice to anyone starting [a project] dive into the code yourself. You’re going to learn how to be more efficient with your space.” 

- Chris and Nicole Creators of Steelhaus

Show notes:

0:30 - Introduction to Episode 44

1:50 - Project highlight of the week: Steelhaus

6:40 - How the Steelhaus project has grown & what inspired the name. 

8:50 - The process of Chris and Nicole designing their own building. 

12:30 - Changing layout to maximize space.

14:42 - Why it can be helpful for builders to dissect and understand building code. 

19:00 - The difference between building code and zoning ordinance - and what they mean for a project. 

20:58 - Getting city support and giving back to the community. 

24:47 - Concluding thoughts for Episode 44. 

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