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32. Alternative Construction For Veteran's Housing With Deshawn Wilson

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn in this epsiode: 

  • What is The National Network For Veterans. 

  • How affordable housing becomes affordable for former service members. 

  • Why cargo architecture may be familiar for former deployed veterans. 

  • The duty there is to provide a place to call home. 

  • Why veteran housing can provide funding some developers need. 

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: Concord Square at Island View.

“Veterans really don’t need a lot of space, they just want a place to call their home.” 

- Deshawn Wilson (Development Associate)

Show Notes:

0:30 - Introduction to Episode 32. 

2:05 - Breck’s project highlight of the week: Concord Square at Island View! 

6:55 - Introducing Deshawn Wilson and The National Network for Veterans (NNOV). 

11:13 - How affordable housing becomes affordable. 

15:03 - Why container construction can resonate with former active duty service members. 

19:50 - How developers can collaborate with the NNOV to build affordable housing for veterans. 

22:00 - Working with non-veterans on veteran housing projects. 

25:57 - How veteran’s housing can provide the funding that some developers might need. 

28:00 - Why it’s vital to provide veterans with a place to call home. 

33:35 - Why Three Squared is eager to take on more veteran’s housing projects. 

35:20 - Concluding thoughts for Episode. 32.

If you’re a developer that already has land and are interested in collaborating on an alternative veteran’s housing project, contact us here. 

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