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24. Cutting Through the Noise: How to Find the Right Information on Innovative Architecture In a Digital World

In this episode Leslie, Breck, and Claire, share their insights and experience with social media, and how to find correct information online and on social media. Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn from us in today's episode:

  • How the internet sets unrealistic expectations for clients

  • Using social media as a tool

  • The issue with DIY plans

  • Not all buildings you see on the internet are real

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: Container Collective!

To learn more about who we are and our projects head over to our instagram!

“We are not here to waste people’s time or money. We want to see buildings built."

- Leslie Horn (CEO of Three Squared, Inc.)

  • 0:30 - Introduction to Episode 24.

  • 2:07 - Breck’s project highlight of the week: Container Collective.

  • 6:10 - How the internet sets unrealistic expectations for projects and incoming clients.

  • 8:50 - Distinguishing hard and soft costs with clients.

  • 9:47 - Case study: The 100k House.

  • 13:15 - How we use social media as an accessible tool.

  • 19:10 - The downside of social media: Pages posting other people’s work.

  • 20:57 - Why you should not be buying DIY plans online.

  • 21:41 - Why digital solutions are not always sound proof, especially in architecture.

  • 22:38 - The challenge of determining if something is real or a rendering.

  • 23:01 - How to distinguish who’s legit and who’s just smoke and mirrors.

  • 28:10 - The power of sharing learning experiences.

  • 28:45 - Concluding thoughts for Episode 24.

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