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22. Building Your Legacy as a New Developer

In this episode Leslie, Breck, and Claire sit down and dive into the best ways to begin building your legacy when you are a new developer. Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn from us in this episode:

  • Detailed insight on short term rentals.

  • Why starting small is crucial for success.

  • The three things you need to have in order to start developing.

  • How building your team directly impacts your business.

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: The Rooftop!

Check out the supplementary episodes for today's discussion here: 1. Everything You Need to Know About Financing Your Project.

2. Why You Need An Architect (...Especially If You Think You Don't).

"When you don't know what you don't know, people will take advantage and you will make terrible decisions"

- Leslie Horn (CEO of Three Squared, Inc.)

Show Notes:

  • 0:32 - Introduction into episode 22.

  • 2:08 - Breck's project highlight of the week: The Rooftop!

  • 6:02 - The low down on short term rentals. ​

    • 9:37 - You have to start small in order to be able to achieve big goals later.

    • 11:29 - The pandemic three: popular small projects.

    • 14:27 - The fight between transient lodging and hotel chains, and what it means for the hospitality industry.

    • 17:21 - The impact that having a team has on your business as a beginner developer.

    • 19:21 - Knowing who your anchors are...and why it matters.

    • 20:48 - It's all about baby steps.

    • 21:40 - Importance of proof of concept.

  • 22:32 - Three things you need to have in order to start developing.

  • 25:20 - Build something that will build you equity.

  • 30:02 - Why it is vital to your project to bring an architect onto your project.

  • 34:12 - Concluding thoughts for episode 22.

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