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04. The Top 3 Challenges of Building A Unique Home & How to Overcome Them

It's no secret the building industry has remained unchanged for years... we've been building homes the same way for 400+ years... effectively smacking sticks together with rocks to frame houses out of trees. Those of us who are out to challenge convention have learned what it really takes to innovate in the design & building industry. Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn from us in this episode:

  • What it takes to achieve 100% project approval despite the stigma of shipping container homes.

  • How to get started with creating your "capital stack".

  • Our TOP TIPS for talking with your bank about innovative building styles.

  • What you might be missing in your search for the RIGHT General Contractor.

  • Breck's Project Highlight of The Week: The Haven!

For behind the scenes footage, project updates & more, follow @threesquaredinc on Instagram. Tour our Model Center in 3D here. Find the full show notes from today's episode here. >> Ask us about your project here.

“We've been building homes the same way for 400+ years... we're still smacking sticks together with rocks to frame houses out of trees.

When you try to change the way things are done you are going to get push back."

-Breck Crandell (Director of Design, TSI)

Show Notes:

  • 0:25 - Introduction into episode 4: Hurdles of challenging convention.

  • 1:07 - Breck's Highlight of the week: The Haven.

  • 3:34 - Leslie discuses Three Squared's core values, and how they lead to innovation.

  • 5:01 - How we educate on the challenges that can come up when building with alternative materials.

  • 5:26 - The first challenge: Permitting and Design.

    • 8:19 - The stigma of shipping containers within municipalities. ​

    • 9:18 - 100% Success rate of shipping container buildings approved.

    • 9:43 - Hearing what others concerns are is one of most important ways to challenge convention.

  • 10:18 - The second challenge: What's the cost of innovation?

    • 10:35 - How to talk to your bank.

    • 13:25 - The importance of your "capital stack" and knowing prior to design, how your project is being funded.

    • 14:12 - What you should know about innovative building appraisal.

    • 15:43 - Contact your local banks and credit unions!

    • 18:26 - The importance of education about alternative architecture. ​

  • 20:08 - Leslie shares one of her favorite Three Squared memories.

  • 21:21 - The Third Challenge: Finding Contractors.

    • 21:42 - Why this might be the biggest challenge. ​

    • 22:50 - What to look for in a general contractor.

    • 24:40 - What is Clash Detection? How can it make your project successful?

    • 26:27 - We help you in the design process find the right contractor.

  • 29:35 - We are connecting with great contractors all over the United States to help with our projects.

  • 30:00 - Concluding thoughts about challenging convention.

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