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00. Trailer: Innovative Real Estate with Three Squared, Inc.

Wondering HOW to begin your next project as a real estate developer? Look no further than the Innovative Real Estate Podcast with Leslie Horn, Breck Crandell & Claire Ollila from Three Squared, Inc. On this podcast, we will open up our entire playbook of lessons learned from over a decade of experience in innovating the way buildings are designed & built. Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn from us in this episode:

  • Who we are, why we're launching this thing, and why you've gotta tune in.

  • What to expect from the show (AKA your blueprint for success).

  • How we got started in this space (hint: it was far from easy)

  • Obstacles we had to overcome to experience the success we have today.

For behind the scenes footage, project updates & more, follow @threesquaredinc on Instagram. >> Join the waitlist to work with our team! Ask us about your project HERE.

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