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introducing houm:

houm's construction approach combines the efficiency of digital fabrication and industrial manufacturing to create attainable homes that are better crafted and more beautiful than anything currently on the market.

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recent projects:

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our story:

We were tired of feeling stuck in the antiquated ways of building today... After hundreds of years, we're still smacking sticks together with rocks to build homes piece by piece. Meanwhile our country faces a nationwide crisis, desperate for housing the industry can't seem to fill.

We knew there had to be a better way.  But as we set off to challenge convention, we learned a sobering truth: we're in the hardest industry to enact change.

From skeptical contractors & traditional trades people to risk-averse lenders & planning departments, everyone is indoctrinated into the outdated way of doing things.

It took years of trial & error, including some successful projects and some very unsuccessful prototypes, but we finally found a more scalable way.

And we're ready to share this smarter, better, greener way of building homes to cost-conscious developers like you.


Ready to pave the way for the next generation of homes?

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talk to our team:

how it works:

smarter homes

super efficient & scalable building technologies

better homes

impeccably crafted and beautifully designed

greener homes

AI-driven intelligence meets human ingenuity for high efficiency savings

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