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Arkitainer on 72nd

160 containers, Cleveland, OH

The first of its kind in Cleveland OH, Arkitainer on 72nd is a pinnacle of innovation and building technologies. Slated to be the very first mixed-income container apartment complex in Ohio, Arkitainer is the next Three Squared project pending construction in 2021. Set to be constructed of 160 reclaimed and upcycled shipping containers, the 60,000sq ft residential structure sets between St Clair Ave and Gordon Park - strengthening the connection between the commercial corridor and the lakefront by way of E 72nd Avenue. 


The residential structure stands four stories tall, gradually working up from the surrounding single family homes to the towering industrial manufacturing structure at the end of the block. Each apartment unit connects to a double-loaded corridor spanning the length of the structure to ensure all residents have access to both flanking parking lots and main entrance. With respect to the industrial context of the neighborhood, Arkitainer strategically exposes the structural shipping containers, allowing the corrugated siding to shine as a feature of the design. 


Aside from reinforcing a modern-industrial aesthetic, utilizing shipping containers as a building material is also great for energy savings. Considering that containers are naturally wind and water tight, they make for a very efficient building envelope. Arkitainer's mix of two bedroom and studio-style microunits will provide housing for young professionals, empty-nesters looking to downsize and move closer to the city, and a variety of curious people who would like to experience living in cargo architecture.

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