Here’s what Claire had to say:

You’re leading TSI’s sustainability operations… what led you to where you are now?
I first learned about sustainability while volunteering at my local elementary school. At 16 years old I was leading composting lessons, performing grant research to fund a classroom hydroponics initiative, and helping care for the school’s vegetable garden during the summer. I loved everything about it! This experience got me dreaming about a career where I could help businesses thrive while improving the local community and environment. I had no idea at the time that this was called corporate social responsibility (CSR). In college I dove into this field, collecting corporate sustainability manifestos and studying CSR case studies in my free time. Following graduation last April, Three Squared and I crossed paths and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part about TSI is the team. Honestly, they’re great role models. I would describe the company culture as humble and hard-working with a high level of team respect. No one’s ego is too big to tackle the less glamorous task of taking out the trash, and at the same time we have these sky-high goals which encourage us to constantly push forward in all sorts of directions. I’m definitely a forward-thinker, so it’s exciting to frequently have an opportunity to work on something new. On day one, Leslie (our CEO) and I had established a mutual understanding of what each other’s goals and expectations were. I think that’s a crucial element of a positive working relationship. Along the way, the team encouraged me to take on bigger tasks and grow into this role which energizes me and makes me proud of my work.

What does your average day at TSI look like? 

While no two days are ever the same at Three Squared, lately you can find me juggling insulation efficiency reporting for our Model Center and developing the company’s voice through our latest social media campaigns. I’m eager for the weather to warm up so we can show off the rain garden we created last summer in collaboration with Friends of the Rouge. Unfortunately, urban runoff is polluting Detroit’s waterways, but rain gardens can divert a property’s water runoff from entering the local watershed. We’re always grateful for opportunities to partner with local organizations to have a positive impact on our community!

Team Spotlight
Three Squared welcomes Claire Ollila to the team as our pioneering sustainability expert and LEED green associate. Claire is the first in a series of quarterly team spotlights as we highlight the unique skills and contributions our team members bring to the company.