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40. Client Case Study: Hidden Box House

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn from us in this episode: 

  • Introduction to our clients Rhys and Nicky. 

  • The potential financial benefits to building transient lodging

  • Why a good pre-construction process leads to success.

  • Impact of see projects in 3D. 

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: Hidden Box House.

“I’ve seen first hand that if you set up a project well and there is a good pre-construction phase that project is going to be successful.”

-Rhys and Nicky (Hidden Box House)

Show Notes:

  • 0:30 - Introduction into episode 40. 

  • 2:22 - Breck’s/Bryce’s Project Highlight of the Week: Hidden Box House!

  • 8:05 - Introducing our clients Rhys and Nicky. 

  • 10:13 - The journey it took to find the perfect property. 

  • 13:37 - Scope of the Hidden Box House and what led to this project to become a vacation rental. 

  • 15:27 - The financial benefits of building a transient project. 

  • 18:45 - What led Rhys and Nicky to working with an architecture firm rather than buying plans online. 

  • 20:57 - Bryce talks about the fascinating design process of the Hidden Box House.

  • 23:26 - Lessons learned throughout the process. 

  • 26:02 - Building a brand as first time builders. 

  • 30:18 - Rhys and Nicky’s advice for anyone wanting to pursue a similar project. 

  • 33:33 - Impact of seeing what a space could be in 3D. 

  • 37:50 - Concluding thoughts for episode 40. 

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Make sure also,  to head over to TheHiddenBoxHouse.comto explore more of this project and follow them on Instagram to follow along with the completion of the Hidden Box House!

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