Team Spotlight
Three Squared highlights Kristyn Koth, our Lead Fabricator. Kristyn is the fourth in a series of quarterly team spotlights as we highlight the unique skills and contributions our team members bring to the company.


Here’s what Kristyn had to say:

How did you first become a welder? 

While on college break, I spent a summer in Traverse City, Michigan apprenticing for a local Metal Artist (Bob Purvis) who taught me the ropes of fabricating and welding.  All of the welding was done by arc welding, which is the real grimy, more industrial welding.  Now, I mainly do MIG welding (metal inert gas) because it is much cleaner and less toxic than Arc.

What’s your favorite part of working with shipping containers? 

My first year in college I took architecture classes because I really love unique buildings and spaces.  There is a very serious side of architecture that turned me away from making it my career, so I went more towards metal furniture design.  I never lost my love for Architecture and working on shipping containers is a marriage of both my loves steel and architecture.

What do you like best about working with Three Squared, Inc? 

I rarely work with women in my field so working with a woman run business is something super special.  There is an unspoken desire to support and be able to say “yeah we did it and we are women in a male dominant field and we kicked ass ”.  I am so honored to work with Leslie Horn.  I believed in her concept of using recycling shipping containers right from the first time we met back in 2006. 

Are there any special/memorable moments or funny stories that stand out from your time fabricating for any of these projects?

MANY LATE NIGHTS!! That’s said good and bad.  Although very tough, the dedication to complete on time for clients is so rewarding and we’ve had fun at 4 or even 5, 6 am hustling to the finish line.  It's the people you work with that make the difference.  Katie from Three Squared is fun and a force of positive energy.  We’ve shared many late nights covered in grime with no sleep but, laugh it off over drinks when our work is done. 

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