Innovative Real Estate Podcast Show Notes

EPISODE 11 -  Combatting Rising Construction Costs with Container Modal

Here's a glimpse of what you'll lean from us in this episode: 

  • What Container Modal is up to in innovative real estate.

  • How the global supply chain collapse has helped us optimize our process.

  • The difference between our process vs. modular construction.

  • What makes TSI & Container Modal a dream team for our current & upcoming projects.

  • Breck's project highlight of the week: The Bennett House!

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“We are trying to do what's right for everybody and making sure whoever is inhabiting these buildings feels happy and inspired."

-  Brian Carmody, Container Modal

Brian Headshot_color_cropped.JPG

Show Notes:

  • 0:17 - Introduction into episode 11 with special guest Brian Carmody of Container Modal. 

  • 1:07 - Breck's project highlight of the week: The Bennett House

  • 3:56 - How Brian  and Leslie met. 

  • 6:44 - How our core values are demonstrated when working together to help our clients. 

  • 8:21 - How the process of purchasing containers has changed because of the supply chain. 

  • 9:46 - What it means to use "new" or "one-time use" containers for our developments. 

  • 10:06 - Modifying shipping containers to be better used as a building material. 

  • 11:10 - Brian gives insight into what exactly Container Modal does. 

    • 14:01 - Filling in the gaps... literally. ​

    • 15:52 - Container Modal's cost range for large projects. 

    • 17:36 - Offsetting the cost of both time, and expensive on-site labor.

    • 18:11 - Demonstrating how the Container Modal process is not modular construction. 

    • 20:08 - Why Container Modal sees themselves as more of a building supply company than anything else. 

    • 21:06 - Keeping work available to the local trades. 

  • 21:50 - Funding partners that are helping our clients finance their projects. 

  • 25:51 - Saving clients money by using one-time closing costs. 

  • 27:47 - How new projects going forward are going to benefit from Three Squared's and Container Modal's relationship.

  • 29:29 - Concluding thoughts for episode 11.

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