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Development Associate


Haley West is a native of Tennessee. She is Born and raised in Franklin, where the 5th Battle of the Civil War was fought, where she developed a passion for preservation, Development and Build projects. She has worked to preserve her father’s visions and tries to implement his strategy throughout all of her projects. Her professional background includes working in the finance, entertainment, fashion and real estate industries. Her niche being international real estate and investment property; she has built strategic alliances and partnered with some of the most lucrative brokerages and development firms globally. Applying her knowledge and skill set harnessed from her past employment at the likes of Forstman & Co., and Global Brands Productions, and Dupont Zodiac.


She founded R.Y.R.E., LLC, a multifaceted and diverse boutique conglomerate. She prides herself on being a woman of integrity ensuring her clients confidentiality and trust is never breached pre and post transaction. She is dedicated to meeting the needs of her clients and offers nothing short of excellence.


She is a mother to a loving daughter, a world traveler who enjoys participating in philanthropic activities with such organizations as the March of Dimes, Jump Rope for Heart, American Heart Association, being the Grant Chair of the Herb Society of Nashville, Room In the Inn Homelessness Outreach Programs from Nashville to Los Angeles, Habitats for Humanity, Frist Art Museum as one of the Co-Founders and Organizers of Friends if Contemporary Art, BEST.ORG Foundation, Walking With Anthony, The Special Olympics, Franklin TN Kiwanis Club, and St. Jude’s. 


Throughout her travels and volunteer work she developed a huge passion for Japanese Culture, and Architecture.  She spent time in Japan and worked closely with Consulate Generals of Japan in Nashville Hiroyuki Kobayashi, and Consulate General of Japan in Nashville Masami Kinefuchi who blessed her with her name in Japanese. She then worked as a Volunteer Ambassador for Tennessee to Japan. She worked with Japanese Ambassador to help while launching the Blevins Japanese Gardens Enhancement Program at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens of Nashville, TN. 


In Haley’s free time you can catch her and her daughter fishing, riding horses, traveling, volunteering, gardening, and cooking. 

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